Revolutionary 'T' Form Factor
The I-Tee PC has a unique and truly innovative architecture due to an original 'T' shaped configuration. This layout leads to a condensed footprint and a reduced depth. Side cable management means no more difficult to reach connections.

There is a visual separation between the engine and the interface. The engine contains a standard ATX motherboard and the interface houses the drives.

Outstanding Accessibility

There is very easy access to components, which allows for simple expandability. Satisfying the need to be 'Idiot proof' for the DIY market.
Simply unclick the latches and lower the back cover to be able to upgrade or change components.



There is optimised cooling of the CPU by utilizing 'chimney effect' thermals based on natural convection. Separation of carefully considered airflows allow for more efficient cooling of the CPU and power supply.


Quality Material

The PC is mostly made from recyclable steel and aluminium. There is a reduction of material because the structure, shielding and visual styling are all combined. The appearance displays its quality and reliability.



The construction allows for fast production and assembly. With no welding or rivets and the minimum of screws the I-Tee snaps and slots together allowing for ease of disassembly.